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Do you have low self-esteem?  Are you often critical and negative about yourself?  Do you wish you felt better about yourself?  Do you wish you had more confidence?  Do you carry around a lot of shame because of things that happened in your childhood?  Is your well-being dependent on what you have, attention you get from others, and what you accomplish?

Most people have what is referred to as "other-esteem."  Those things that are outside yourself, such as what other's think of you and the car you drive.  When how we feel about ourself is dependent on these things, we constantly fall short and chase the next car or the next person to give us attention or positive feedback.
  • Build true Self-Esteem
  • Build Confidence
  • Get rid of Negative Self-Talk
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Truly Value Yourself
  • Experience Greater Happiness
  • Let Go of the Past

Contact Christy Maxey, MC at 480-600-3003 to discuss your needs and goals regarding your self-esteem and building confidence. Online Coaching also available through Skype, Zoom or phone.

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