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 Real Coaching. Real Results. Real Transformation.

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I am a Personal Development Life Coach. After 20 years of private practice, I've created the MaxxMETHOD: A Psychological Framework for Self-Mastery. Find more information at maxxmethod.com. I support people in BEING THE MASTER of their thinking, their emotions, their dreams; and I love what I do!   

  • Do you have repeated negative thoughts and an inner critic?
  • Do you believe that past trauma will define you for life?
  • Find yourself struggling in your relationship?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety or depression and have no idea how to make it go away?
  • Are you going through a rough patch in life and experiencing debilitating emotions such as anger, sadness, loneliness, shame, envy or fear?
  • Are you frustrated because you keep repeating the same negative patterns in your life and in your relationships?
  • Do you lack confidence in certain areas of life and you can't seem to shake it?
  • Are you ready to go to the next level?

The Good News Is, Good Coaching Will Help:

  • You face the fears that are holding you back.
  • You know you are good enough.
  • Finally get the great relationship you want.
  • Enable you to let go of your past.
  • Find your confidence. 
  • Get to that next level in your life or career
  • You Just Don't Know How Yet!

Ready to make changes or go to that next level? Contact me at 480-600-3003

Brick and Mortar 1:1 Coaching Sessions at 3303 E Baseline Road, Suite #114 Gilbert, AZ 85234 and 4647 N 32nd Street, #B255 Phoenix, AZ 85018

Online Coaching Sessions via Zoom or Skype



When you learn to master you, you can then create the life you've been longing for.

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